芯 SHIN selected “JIDA Design Museum Selection Vol.19” (Japan)

“芯/SHIN”, a shoehorn designed by Mikiya Kobayashi, was selected as “JIDA design museum selection vol. 19” hosted by Japan Industrial Designers’ Association (JIDA).


JIDA design museum selection vol.19 TOKYO will be held from Thursday, January 18, 2018 to Sunday, January 21 at AXIS gallery located on the 4th floor of AXIS building in Roppongi and selected products will be on display together.
Please drop by there by any means.

Period: January 18, 2018(Thu.) ~ 21(Sun.)
Time: 10:00~18:00
Admission free
Place: AXIS gallery (4F AXIS building, 5-17-1 Robbongi, Minato-ku, TOKYO)

JIDA design museum


< 芯 SHIN
“芯 SHIN” is the shoehorn that stands vertically by investigating how to limit the gap between the shoehorn and its stand as much as possible. It allows the shoehorn to be inserted and removed smoothly.
The small-sized stand is designed as compact as possible not to take up much space than necessary in the entrance. The shoehorn itself is made of aluminum, the handle is made from pipe, and the connection with the forged tip is made seamlessly.
This shoehorn, light –weight and able to be used without bending knees, will eliminate one of the burdens of life for every type of user. At the same time it will keep the entrance your home looking beautiful.

Comments by the Selection Committee
The shoehorn standing vertically from the compact stand is simple but difficult to be realized. The pipe is used as a material of the handle in order to lower the balance and adopting weighted silicon as the stand made its stability. The basic design and the superior production technique which reduces the gap between the stand and the body as soon as possible realized the beautiful silhouette. (Selection Committee / Daisuke Noguchi)