Lemnos makes inroads into the Chinese market.

Lemnos has made inroads into the Chinese market, focusing mainly on the Shanghai area.

A Lemnos brand booth has been set up at department stores to sell products, and we will continue to promote the Lemnos brand via various distribution channels.

Watch Lemnos’s new challenge.


◼︎Jiu-Guang Department Store (Suzhou city)
The leading department store in China. The Lemnos exhibit corner is on the first floor.


◼︎YAOHAN (Wuxi city)
“八百伴百貨店” is the largest department store in Wuxi city, which is around 1.5 hours by train from Shanghai.
Interior floor.


Commenced operations in 2003, now with 3 stores in Beijing, Shanghai, and Hangzhou. One of the most famous shops in Greater China’s design industry, NORHOR deals in selected interior products, including antique-style original furniture from all over the world.