尾羽 OHA / Shoehorn

design : Mikiya Kobayashi

A shoehorn in the shape of a bird with superior casting technique and beauty of carefully polished finish.

OHA is designed in the motif of a lovely bird. You can effortlessly pull it out of a shoe while inserting a finger in the handle. It is a small but very comfortable design. This is the shoehorn with prominent casting technique and beauty of carefully polished finish. The soft motif of a bird like an art sculpture is made by fine casting technique. Carefully polished one by one, it gives beautiful delicate image just like a dainty little bird. It can be pulled out of a shoe easily while holding the handle with a finger. It is designed to keep comfort of the user in mind.
“OHA” means “a bird tail feather” in Japanese which the birds use to change their courses in flight and keep their balance when they rest (on a tree). OHA is an beautiful product with the brand new idea to envision a bird tail to a shoehorn and an exceptional craftsmanship. Available in aluminum or brass.

尾羽 OHA  / Shoehorn

IK15O-04 BS

IK15O-04 AL


w125 × d67 × h37mm
AL:90g / BS:270g
AL:Aluminum / BS:Brass

Photo by Yosuke Owashi

Mikiya Kobayashi

Born in Tokyo, 1981. Graduated from the Industrial Arts and Design Department of Musashino Art University in 2005. After working at an interior design office, established MIKIYA KOBAYASHI DESIGN.
He is widely engaged in design related to living space, including furniture, products, and interiors, and has worked on a number of projects with different companies both in Japan and overseas. He won the gold prize at the iF product design awards 2010 and is also the holder of a Red Dot and ADC awards. In 2011, he opened a shop named “TAIYOU-no-SHITA”. Founded MIKIYA KOBAYASHI INC. in 2012.