Shinichi Sumikawa

Shinichi Sumikawa was born in Shinjuku, Tokyo in 1962. In 1984, he graduated from Chiba University, Faculty of Engineering. In the same year, he joined The Sony Corporation. From 1987 to 1991, he worked at Sony USA, designing WALKMANs for the North American market. In 1992, shortly after leaving Sony USA, he traveled around the world and established The Sumikawa Design Office. Shinichi Sumikawa has since delivered a wide range of design works, surpassing the confines of contemporary design, utilizing the experiences and new ideas he gathered from the 57 countries he had visited. He prides himself on engineering-assembly and curved surface design using three-dimensional CAD.
2012: Reddot design award
2005: Toyama product design competition grand prize award
1996: Kawasaki design competition for excellence
1998: Zakka design competition for excellence
He has won many other awards such as the Good Design Award as well as many awards at other design competitions. Most of Shinichi’s works have been recorded in The British International Design Yearbook. His masterpiece camera for professionals, the MAMIYA ZD, has been kept permanently on display at The Deutsches Museum in Munich. Also an experienced architect.


  • PAZ1620 Beach
    super excellent bath series

  • PECON ! 
    suppliment case
    h concept

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