“fun pun clock” – there are vew variations coming.


“fun pun clock”, “fun pun clock for table”, “fun pun clock with color! for table”, designed by Yoko Dobashi
Released June 25, 2018

For the popular “fun pun clock” series, new variations in size and table clock type are available as additions to the range.

The origin of the clock’s name, with a touch of humor, came from the Japanese pronunciation of reading time. In Japanese, you read 5 minutes as “go(five)-fun”, 10 minutes “ju(ten)-pun”, 15 minutes “jugo(fifteen)-fun” and 20 minutes “niju(twenty)-pun”.

easy to explain to children, simple, made of beautiful materials, and matches any interior design.

“fun pun clock” received Good Design Award 2017.


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