Oishii Art Oishii Design exhibition in Hong Kong

“Oishii Art Oishii Design” exhibition will take place from October 20(Sat.)to 28(Sun.) at art gallery Space 27 in Hong Kong. The exhibition theme is “Japanese Food Culture” with Alan Chan, who has won more than 600 design awards as one of the leading designers in Hong Kong.

The exhibit aims to deeply explore, from the viewpoint of design, the fact that Japanese food culture has such a strong impact on Hong Kong and that it is popular among a wide range of people in the area.

From Lemnos, “15.0% ice cream spoon” will be on display. It won the TOPAWARDS ASIA in December, 2016 for its outstanding package design.

Design company : AWATSUJI design
Producer : Naoki Terada
Art Director : Misa Awatsuji
Designer : Yoko Hagiwara


As an associated programme of the “Japan Autumn Festival in Hong Kong – Rediscovering Nippon ” organized by the Consulate-General of Japan in Hong Kong, this design exhibition will also feature multi-sensory experiences through Hand Drip Japanese Tea by Tokyo Saryo and The Art of Makizushi workshops.


・ Curator:Alan Chan
・ Co-organizers:Gallery 27 / TOPA WARDS ASIA, a general incorporated association
◾️ Place:Space 27 in Quarry Bay, Hong Kong
◾️ Date:October 20, 2018(Sat.) ~ 28(San.)
※Open to the public on Saturday and Sunday; reservation is required on weekdays.
◾️ opening Party:October 19(Fri.)

Space 27

TOPAWARDS ASIA official web site


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WORKSHOP: Hand Drip Japanese Tea by Tokyo Saryo

WORKSHOP: The Art of Makizushi