“SHIN” light gray color – New color variation of SHIN released

“SHIN” light gray color, designed by Mikiya Kobayashi
Released April 28, 2020

There are already long free standing shoehorns with bases on the market, but with previous designs the base has a strong presence, and they are large in volume as well, making their presence at the entrance to the home too strong. In terms of functionality, we think that the base should be as compact as possible while satisfying its function as a shoehorn. In addition, if the shoehorn is at an angle when leaning against the base it takes up more space than necessary in the entrance.
With this shoehorn, by investigating how to limit the gap between the shoehorn and base as much as possible, we have made it stand almost vertically, while allowing the shoehorn to be inserted and removed smoothly. Although it is made of aluminum, the handle is made from pipe so that the user does not feel the weight, and the connection with the forged tip is made seamlessly.
Light-weight and able to be used without bending the knee, this shoehorn will eliminate one of the burdens of life for every type of user. At the same time it will keep the entrance your home looking beautiful.

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