Newspaper | TOYAMA PRODUCTS 2017-2018 catalog

TAKATA Lemnos was introduced in the newest “TOYAMA Products catalogue” issued by TOYAMA DESIGN CENTER.
The article “Feature: TOYAMA product site①” mentions our passion for product development and motivation for design, along with the history of Lemnos.

p.004 / The frontlines in the manufacture of Toyama products 1(PDF)


About TOYAMA products
The “TOYAMA products selection program” is a project that has been implemented by Toyama since 2002. Outstanding, high-quality and well-designed industrial products that have been planned and produced in the prefecture are selected as TOYAMA products and recieve-support for sales expansion. The program invites companies and individuals with factories or offices in Toyama to submit product entries, and it reviews them in September of each year.
From traditional industries to innovative ones, manufacturing is popular in Toyama. A number of elements come together, including nature’s blessing, inherited handwork techniques, and a hard-working spirit, to produce high-quality products one after another. Toyama introduces them as Toyama brands.
Mark concept
The products that offer different potentials are likened to gemstones and the process of choosing an outstanding one among them is expressed by placing a gemstone in the kanji, “富”.