Clocks tick and produce spaces, sometimes like graceful flowers and sometimes like brilliant jewels. We look at clocks every day and many times, so we want them to enrich your space.

With this concept, Lemnos works with many well-known designers to design a lot of fine items, which are made with the refined skills of craftsmen who maximize the attractiveness of materials for timeless design. Our innovative Japan-made products are highly reputed and have won many awards in Japan and abroad such as Good Design Award.

We will continue to propose innovative and permanent beauty.

Company Profile

TAKATA Lemnos Inc. was founded in 1947 as a brass casting manufacturing industry in Takaoka-city, Toyama Prefecture, Japan and we launched out into the full-scale business trade with Seiko Clock Co., Ltd. since 1966.

We entered into the development for the original planning from late 1980 and “Lemnos Brand” recognized as the global design clock by a masterpiece “HOLA” designed by Kazuo KAWASAKI which released in 1989.

Afterwards, we made a lot of projects with well-known designers who took in active in Japan and overseas such as Riki WATANABE, Kazuo KAWASAKI, Shin AZUMI, Tomoko AZUMI, Kanae TSUKAMOTO etc. and we made announcement of their fine works abounding in artistry and prominent designs.

Lemnos brand products are now highly praised from the design shops and the interior shops all over the world.

In recent years, we also have been given high priority to develop interior accessories making full use of our traditional techniques by the founding manufacturer and we always focus our minds on the development for the new Lemnos products in the new market.

Our Lemnos products are made carefully by our craftsmen finely honed skillful techniques in Japan. They surely bring out the attractiveness of the materials to the maximum and create fine products not being influenced on the fashion trend accordingly. TAKATA Lemnos Inc.
definitely would like to be innovative and continuously propose the beauty lasts forever.

Company Outline


TAKATA Lemnos Inc.


2 July, 1984

Head Office

511 Hayakawa Takaoka Toyama 933-0957 JAPAN
TEL : +81.766.24.5731  /  FAX : +81.766.22.8071

Tokyo Showroom & Office

1F Chat Noir Bunkyo, 3-7-14 Otsuka Bunkyo-ku Tokyo 112-0012 JAPAN
TEL : +81.3.5981.8120  /  FAX : +81.3.5981.8365


Kazuyoshi Takata

Business Activities

-1 Plan, Produce and Sales of the interior-related products mainly for the table clocks and the wall clocks.
-2 Sales of the clock parts mainly for the movements made by Seiko Clock Co..
-3 Plan, Produce and Sales of the interior-related products, building hardware and furniture parts made in the materials of the aluminum and the brass.


Head Office / International sales division

Tokyo Showroom & Office

Group company

Name:TAKATA Manufacturing Co., Ltd..
Head office・Factory:54-7 Toidesakae-machi Takaoka Toyama 939-1118 JAPAN