design : Yuichi Nara

The zelkova is a tree with a beautiful wood grain.

MIKI is a clock cut from the thick trunk of the zelkova tree.
Zelkova wood is a hard and strong material, which features a number of ring markings. The varied appearances of these trees indicate their age and the type of atmosphere they grew in. The surface of the material was carefully polished and finished with nature-based oil paint that is gentle on human skin. Touch it directly to experience its wooden warmth. This can also be used as a table clock with a special stand.


NY12-06 NT


φ148 × d62mm
Japanese zelkova (oil finish), Glass
Sweep Second / With stand

- About the wooden frame of the clock -
The clock frames used for MIKI are made of horizontal wood in order to take advantage of the beauty of the grain of the wood. Since the wood runs parallel to the frame, the annual rings appear in various shapes and forms, giving the product a variety of expressions.

Yuichi Nara

Born in Tokyo, 1977. In 1999, he graduated from the Construction Department Architecture Course at Yokohama National University. Moved to Italy in 2000. Began designing following a period working at a glass studio and an architect’s office in Venice. In 2006, graduated from Venezia Construction University. During a trip to Noto, Japan, he was so impressed with the richness of the nature and lifestyle, he decided to return to Japan and moved to Notojima. In 2007, he established the Noto design office. Studying local materials and learning local techniques and applying them to his work, he attempts to design products that enrich everyday life. Alongside his design activities, he also grows rice in a rented untilled paddy field.

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