AY clock

design : Akira Yamamoto

The clock features “Garamond,” a visible, elegant, and sophisticated font.

There is a certain design that lends itself to time. One does not get tired of seeing it, and it gradually becomes more and more comfortable. The AY clock has also built its reputation over a decade. Its charm lies in the font, Garamond.

Its visible, elegant, and sophisticated style was established in the medieval French Renaissance period by a text manufacturer, Claude Garamond. It has gone through only minute changes while also having an increasing impact on continental Europe and being used as a standard font for the Latin alphabet up to today.
Riki Watanabe, as a designer who had been looking into the font for some time, suggested the potential of the design. His proposal triggered the opportunity to create the clock. The beauty of each individual figure, which gives a taste of hand-writing, is expressed in the clock. A decorative sense of unity is generated when they are arranged. Moreover, the combination with plywood is exquisite.

AY clock

AY14-10 WH

AY14-10 BW

AY14-10 GN


φ305 × d48mm
Plywood, Glass
Sweep Second

Akira Yamamoto

Born in Tokyo in 1963. He worked at Q Designers after graduating in Industrial Design from the Engineering Department of Chiba University in 1987. At the end of the year, he migrated to Italy and studied industrial design under Professor G. DeFerrari in the Construction Department of Torino College. Worked at G. Raimondi Construction and Design Office while serving as an assistant to Mr. Shigeaki Asahara, a lighting equipment designer, in addition to undertaking activities as a freelance designer.
After returning to Japan in 1995, he established the Akira Yamamoto Design Office. He designs clocks, lighting equipment, and kitchen items and works on the styling of machine tools. Since 1999, he has worked alongside Mr. Riki Watanabe mainly in the product design sphere. Since the death of Mr. Riki Watanabe, he has been in charge of design direction for the RIKI brand.

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