design : Daisuke Kitagawa

More dignity for wall clocks.
Fluct is a wall clock designed with “enrichment” as its theme, with a focus on the expression of its materials and textures, and attention paid to every detail. The frame and face are made of natural wood for a soft and gentle look; the indexes feature a characteristic mirror finish like inlays; and the dauphine hands give a classic impression. With a calm dignity born from the contrast and harmony of these elements, Fluct blends into any space beautifully.
This is an elegant clock that conveys the fluctuations and changes that occur every moment over time.


red dot design award winner 2022(Germany)




DFI 21-07 NT

DFI 21-07 BK

DFI 21-07

Oak, Oak veneer, Plastic mirror(PET)
Sweep Second

Photograph:Hisashi Kudo

Daisuke Kitagawa

Graduated from Kanazawa College of Art in 2005. After working for a Japanese consumer electronics manufacturer, Daisuke Kitagawa established DESIGN FOR INDUSTRY Inc. in 2015. Based on the principle of creating “enrichment” that can be shared with everyone involved, Kitagawa has been engaged in a variety of fields, both at home and abroad, from furniture and daily necessities to traditional crafts, home appliances, robotics, advanced technology R&D, new material development, business development, and city branding. He always provides design and creative direction from the perspective of “comfortable innovation.” He has won many awards, including the GOOD DESIGN AWARD, GERMAN DESIGN AWARD, and iF DESIGN AWARD.