NEUT wall clock

design : Kazuya Koike

A wall clock with neutral font blends in both modern and classical. The original font, has designed neutral and neither too stiff nor too loose, intended to blend in various interior tastes.
A blank set up appropriately around the indicator on the clock, and those indicator and needle configuration that amended repeatedly by prototypes, it has been designed in detail to be able to see well even at small font size, and it blends in with the fine natural white ash frame and bring calmness to the space.

NEUT wall clock

KK22-09 GY
gray / New color !

KK22-09 NT

KK22-09 BK


φ288 × d50mm
White ash, Glass

Photographer / Ikuo Hiramatsu

Kazuya Koike

Born in 1980.
2003-2012, A chief designer In The Design company in Osaka. He was engaged in the product plan and design of consulting clients. Also engaged all processes, Sales planning, design development, the quality control and, intellectual property management of the self-developed product. 2012, Established Doogdesign.
Now, working in some domestic / overseas projects in an industrial art object, stationery, daily necessities, furniture, a household appliance, many divergences including the IoT product now. Winning Good Design Award, iF Design Award, Taiwan Excellence Award etc.