design : Uhuhu Maiko

“Herstory” is “her story of pursuing her dream.”
True to its name, this clock is designed to tell a story about a girl getting closer to her “dream” every hour.Symbolic motifs of “dreams”—a balloon, butterfly, and shooting star—are strategically placed at the 12 o’clock position on the clock face. When the girl on the minute hand progresses towards these motifs, it creates the visual effect of her reaching out to catch them.

The hour hand serves as the girl’s “shadow,” symbolizing her “past,” while the minute hand signifies her “present” as she moves forward, overcoming various “pasts.The designer wishes to “support bright women around the world” by offering them an avenue to manifest their own “dreams” through the motif, integrate the clock into their daily lives, and envision the “future.”

The numerical indicators on the clock face feature an original font drawn by the designer, evoking the flow of air like a gentle breeze, lending the motif a dynamic sense of movement.
The English text just below the center reads “Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.” The quote by Danish philosopher and thinker Søren Kierkegaard serves as a motivating message, encouraging women to stride towards their “dreams.”

Place the clock on or near your desk and enjoy the heartwarming experience of reading her story unfolding behind the glass.


MU23-12 A

MU23-12 B

MU23-12 C
shooting star


φ200 × d40mm
Aluminum, Glass
With Stand

It also serves as a great gift to commemorate significant milestones in someone’s life, such as a birthday, school entrance, higher education, graduation, adulthood, employment, promotion, moving, farewell, and Christmas, or as a gift to cheer someone up during hard times.

Uhuhu Maiko

Born on June 10, the “Anniversary of Time” in Japan.
A graduate of the Department of Design at Tokyo Polytechnic University. After completing her education, she joined ADK, a major advertising agency, where she gained experience as a designer and art director. Her expertise spans a wide range of advertising productions, including graphic design for logos, packages, characters, etc., newspapers and magazines, transportation, TV ads, promotional and music videos, and websites.
In 2017, she embarked on her entrepreneurial journey and established “uhuhu.” Alongside her design work, she sells gift products that she develops herself based on the concept of “something that makes you smile unintentionally.”
Her award history includes recognition as a Cannes Lions Finalist, an honorable mention in the ACC Young Creative Competition and the Google Innovative Work category of the Tokyo Interactive Ad Awards, a Silver Prize in the Consumer-oriented Advertising Competition, an Award of Merit in the Environmental Communication Awards, the d creators x TOKYO DESIGNERS WEEK Award, and the Special Prize of the minne Handmade Awards 2018.