KON / Stool

design : Mikiya Kobayashi

This stool is named “KON/根” (literally “root”) as it gives the image of sitting on a stump, with its legs going out toward the bottom end for stability.
KON is a small stool ideal for entrances, but it is also suitable for a variety of both private and public spaces. It features a clean and sophisticated form with the legs made of stainless steel and the seat made of high-quality materials such as natural wood, leather, and textiles. In addition to the simple basic type, a version with a leather basket under the seat can hold slippers, shoehorns, and other small items.
It blends in with its surroundings, making it an ideal piece of furniture for everyday use. Its compact size makes it easy to move.

iF DESIGN AWARD 2024(Germany)

KON / Stool

IK22Q-02 NT

IK22Q-02 BW
brown / New line up !

IK22Q-02 BK
black / New line up !


w290 × d290 × h438mm(seat: NT- φ280, BW BK- φ285)
NT- 3.6kg, BW BK - 3.5kg
・leg: Stainless steel(Mirror finish) ・seat: NT- Oak, BW BK- Integrated material(BW- Upholstered in Leather, BK- Upholstered in Kvadrat fabric Steelcut Trio 3 (worsted, nylon))

Photo by Yosuke Owashi / Styling Masato Kawai

【About Oak Wood】
Oak has long been used for high-end furniture due to its high durability and water resistance. Craftsmen rigorously sort each piece of material to select the most suitable one for the seat. The surface of the wood sometimes has a tiger stripe pattern. It appears on the nourished parts of the wood and is a sign that the material is of high quality.

【About natural leather】
The leather is sliced by utilizing the papillary dermis; this is the top layer of a split hide and has the most leather-like natural texture. To bring out the leather grain, hides are put through the tanning process without any alteration. The leather is mainly finished with a dye stain to make the coating as thin as possible and ensure a soft touch.

【Kvadrat fabric|Steelcut Trio 3】
Steelcut Trio is a hardwearing woollen upholstery textile with the same construction as Steelcut. Originally designed by Frans Dijkmeijer, it comes in updated colourways crafted by Giulio Ridolfo. The three-dimensional surface of Steelcut Trio resembles small pyramids or steel points. Despite the complexity of the textile’s innovative weave, it has a simple, precise expression. Steelcut Trio is yarn-dyed and made from 3 differently coloured yarns.

【About the stainless steel legs】
The stainless steel legs have a mirror finish and are carefully polished one by one, even on the back part, which is usually invisible. Advanced technology is used to carefully weld the four legs to achieve a simple form by minimizing the number of components while maintaining high strength as a stool. The legs are welded to the bottom of the seat to hide the weld marks.

Mikiya Kobayashi

Born in 1981 in Tokyo, he founded his own studio in Tokyo and Valencia after an experience in an interior design company.
He is working in many design fields such as furniture, daily products, electronics, mobility as well as space design. Deeply rooted in a lifestyle that is considered jointly with clients, his design is also able to merge into its surrounding space. He recieved many awards such as iF Gold Award and Red Dot Design Award in Germany. In 2018, he starts his own original lifestyle brand IMPLEMENTS.