Noriko Hashida

Product designer
Born in Aichi, Japan. She majored at the Department of Industrial Design, Tokyo University of the Arts. After working at TOTO Ltd., she established NORIKO HASHIDA DESIGN in 2008. In 2009, she was appointed to a professorship of the Faculty of Engineering and Design at SIBAURA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY. A judge for the GOOD DESIGN AWARD. Her work at TOTO includes the production of various domestic equipment such as a tank-less toilet bowl named “NEOREST”, in addition to bathroom and kitchen systems, and she has won many awards. In recent years, she has produced goods for interior brands including “RETTO”, “BEW” from Iwatani Materials Corp., and “Biedie Earpick” from h-concept, as well as new items using traditional materials such as Washi (Japanese paper) or lacquer.

    Bath chair

  • White Line
    Office furniture

  • Birdie Earpick
    Ear pick

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