Toyoshi Mori

Born in Toyama, Japan. Academic researcher, ID architect (named by Prof. Otsuki of the University of Tokyo, meaning an architect who integrates academic research, corporate management, and product design with architectural thinking). As an architect, Mori has conducted design work for the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, C+A, and famous furniture brands.
From 2000 to 2008, he worked on business planning, product strategy, and product design for Takata Lemnos. Since 2010, Mori has been involved in the design business of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. He is currently serving as a design business advisor for MUFG Bank, Ltd and supporting several companies in management. He is collaborating with Meiji Co., Ltd. and GATO MIKIO – SHOUTEN CO., LTD to develop sustainable materials. Mori is also in charge of planning and judging the Meiji CACAO STYLE Product Design Award 2023.