Yoko Dobashi

Yoko Dobashi had belonged to Idee co. Ltd. For five years (1997-2002). She was involved in the development of standard furniture, in serving as a Chairman of the Executive Committee of “Tokyo Designers Block 2001” and in launching the “SPUTNIK” brand which was introduced in London, Milan, and New York. She designed Idee’s current standard “bian chair”, paper lantern type LED light which keeps baby from strong light in the nursing named “milk time light”, a light that is made on one’s own simply by “bending” ”inserting” “folding” it, named “let’s light” and an analog clock that motivates children who cannot read a clock desire to read a clock named “fun pun clock”. Since 2012 she organized an interior workshop “Design life with kids!” Based on Montessori education, she kept it in her mind to create an interior that encourages the use of hands, collaborated with various companies and worked to develop workshop program. Also, as an interior writer, she writes on the web magazine “All about”, “Let’s enjoy Tokyo”. Now as a mother of two children, her themes is exploring living space where children are, and another is to encourage a life of making things with their own hands.

    Photo Credit : IDÉE

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