芯 SHIN received Design Intelligence Award 2018 (China)

“芯 / SHIN,” the shoehorn designed by Mikiya Kobayashi, received the “TOP 100 of the Design Intelligence Award 2018,” which is an international industrial design award in China.
This time, which was the 3rd award in the series, a total of 7,721 entries from 41 countries and regions registered for the competition. DIA reviewed whole entries focusing mainly on the upgrading of traditional industries, the development of intelligent manufacturing, and solutions for the aging society.

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SHIN is the shoehorn standing almost vertically. The small-sized stand doesn’t take up much space than necessary in the entrance and its presence merges there. The soft form of the forged tip gets to fit heels and shoes.

About DIA
The DIA (Design Intelligence Award) is an internationally recognized academic award in industrial design established in China in 2015. DIA advocates that “design is the carrier of culture, a reflection of national strength, the wisdom of life, and the source of innovation,” and we propose important issues of the present and the future.
Host: China Academy of Art