For customers considering purchasing Lemnos products in countries outside of Japan

Please be careful with parallel imported(gray market) products.

【For proper function】

We thank you for choosing Lemnos.

Lemnos has a distributing system that supports our products responsibly through our authorized dealers so that overseas customers can use them with confidence.

Recently, we have seen cases where our products that were produced for Japan domestic use are sold on overseas online stores without our permission.
The specification of such products may differ from those sold through our authorized retailers.
In particular, we have received complaints from international customers regarding Lemnos radio-controlled clocks not working properly.
Our radio-controlled clocks are for Japan domestic use only and are not produced for overseas use.

Lemnos takes the current situation very seriously. This notice is intended to bring this issue to your attention.

Please note that we are not responsible for any issues arise from using such products sold by unauthorized venders.
Furthermore, unauthorized products are not covered by the warranty even if defects are found. When purchasing Lemnos products, please confirm its authenticity.