fun pun clock won KIDS DESIGN AWARD 2019 (Japan)

“fun pun clock”, designed by Yoko Dobashi and produced by TAKATA Lemnos, won the Kids Design Award 2019 (sponsored by the Kids Design Association).


The fun pun clock was developed by a designer who is also a mother, in cooperation with Ms. Misa Sakurai, a senior researcher of the Japan Montessori Research Institute. It is simple, made of beautiful materials, and matches any interior design.

Taking the opportunity of winning this award, we aim to expand its sales, while actively promoting the best use of the design in “Monozukuri,” which literally means the “manufacturing of products” in Japanese, as well as enhancing our brand image.

We would like to draw your attention to the well-designed product by Lemnos.

–  About Kids Design award
The Kids Design Award is a commendation program for realizing as well as spreading the three Kids Design Missions. Not limited to products/ services for children such as infant products and toys, this award welcomes a wide range of high quality products or facilities, programs and research activities for children and adults, as long as there are considerations made for children. There are 9 Minister Awards including the Prime Minister’s Award.Awarded works will be permitted to use the “Kids Design Mark”.

–  About Kids Design Association
The Kids Design Association is a non-profit organization (NPO) aiming to contribute to creating a social environment that leads to the healthy growth and development of children, who make up the next generation. The Association consists of various member companies and other organizations supporting the Association, which conducts activities under three design missions. The objectives of the Association are to widely publicize and disseminate these kids’ design principles and thereby expand the development of products and creation of content taking the standpoint of children into consideration.



Organizer:Kids Design Association
Sponsorship:The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), Cabinet Office, Consumer Affairs Agency