New color | Dachs Cuckoo

“Dachs Cuckoo- ivory”, designed by Ryosuke Fukusada
Released June 27, 2023

Takata Lemnos Inc. is pleased to announce the release of Dachs Cuckoo, a cuckoo clock designed by Ryosuke Fukusada, in a new ivory color.

A cuckoo clock with a lovely roof that looks like the ears of a dachshund brings enjoyment to your daily life.
The roof is made of thin metal board, giving lightness while expressing a modern impression by its shape that follows that of a square upper window. The numbers in the center of the clock body are based on so-called Broadway, a font that is suitable for the cuckoo’s performance, and they have been redesigned to fit the outline to the clock body.While having a basic form, the details are well thought out and add to the attraction of the cuckoo clock.

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