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“fun pun clock- brown color”, designed by Yoko Dobashi
Released October 11, 2023

To commemorate the sale of 100,000 units of the “fun pun clock” series, we are introducing a new brown plywood frame!

The fun pun clock was originally designed for children. Its high visibility has also made it popular among the elderly. We have received requests for a new frame color that blends seamlessly with more subdued interiors. To mark the sale of over 100,000 units in the series, we are introducing a brown plywood frame in response to customer requests.
In using natural materials, this new color also aligns with the SDGs perspective, enabling us to effectively utilize frames with unique wood grain patterns that were not achievable with conventional clear coating by staining.


An analog clock that motivates children who cannot yet tell the time to read the time from a clock

The origin of the clock’s slightly humorous name is the Japanese pronunciation when reading the minutes in the base 60 numeral system. In Japanese, you read 5 minutes as “go(five)-fun,” 10 minutes as “ju(ten)-pun,” 15 minutes as “jugo(fifteen)-fun,” and 20 minutes as “niju(twenty)-pun.” This clock is easy to explain to children, simple, made of beautiful materials, and it matches any interior design.

Based on the concept of “An analog clock that motivates children who cannot read a clock”, the clock was developed by a female designer who is also a mother, in cooperation with Ms. Misa Sakurai, a senior researcher of the Japan Montessori Research Institute. This clock is simple, made of beautiful materials, and matches any interior design. fun pun clock is well designed so as to promote understanding of minutes, hours and time for children whose interest in clocks begin to grow from the standpoint of Montessori education.When your child becomes interested in clocks, try reading the time aloud together and enjoy educational communication.

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