New Product | BROTE

“BROTE”, designed by Lemnos Design Group
Released March 27, 2024

“Brote” is the Spanish word for “bud.” This clock’s design takes inspiration from the joy of anticipating new plant growth in the upcoming spring season. The thin frame features a light gray hue and employs a simple, modern font that has been passed down throughout the Lemnos product line. The lime green hands subtly add a touch of color to the overall clean and fresh impression.

The thermo-hygrometer displays comfortable temperature and humidity (*1) in its memory. Please use it as a reference when adjusting air conditioners, humidifiers, etc.
*1: While individual preferences may vary, generally comfortable temperature and humidity levels range from 25 to 28°C and 45 to 60% respectively in the summer, and 18 to 22°C and 55 to 65% respectively in the winter.


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