Ice cream spoon parfait

design : Naoki Terada

No.07 vanilla parfait
No.08 chocolate parfait
No.09 strawberry parfait

“I want to eat frozen-solid ice cream!” The 15.0% ice cream spoon series that grants such a wish now contains the slim “parfait.”
The slim form has the same function as the existing spoon and now fits a lady’s delicate fingertips.


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Ice cream spoon parfait

No.07 vanilla parfait
Standard type with a slim and elegant body.

No.08 chocolate parfait
Slim and angular shape that fits the bottom of a cup.

No.09 strawberry parfait
A spork that can also be used as a fruit pick.

JT14G-01 / JT15G-02 / JT15G-03

w125 × d21 × h12.5mm
Aluminum (Finish : Polish)

Naoki Terada

Architect, designer
In 1994, he completed MA course of the Association School of Architecture (AA school) in London. After returning to Japan, he produced and directed various brands as well as designing architectures and products. In 2003, he established TERADA DESIGN ARCHITECTS OFFICE. In 2011, he opened “TERADAMOKEI” in Simokitazawa, Tokyo. Currently, he’s President, COO of Interoffice Inc., an outside lecturer of Musashino Art University, and the juror of the Good Design Award.
He directs the brand, “15.0% ice cream spoon”which is produced and marketed by TAKATA Lemnos Inc., while designing all the products.

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