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To stay by your side for a long time – Lemnos’ dedication to clock repairs



We disassemble the clock, reattach the hands, polish the glass, and then reassemble it.

A clock is a tool for telling the time and must perform its function for an extended period. However, the longer a clock is used, the more issues it may develop, such as the hands no longer moving, the dial becoming distorted, or the glass breaking. Many individuals strongly wish to have their clocks repaired and continue using them, as they have had them for a long time and have grown attached to them. Some may even feel that they cannot do without their clocks.

At Lemnos, we strive to cater to these customer requests and ensure that the clocks we manufacture are used for as long as possible. We offer clock repair services regardless of whether a clock is within its warranty period or not. Today, we would like to share our perspective on the importance of repairs.

When a customer contacts us with a repair request and sends their clock to our head office in Toyama, we keep it in our repair section. Here, our team of skilled staff meticulously examine the condition of each clock individually. Our repair personnel have worked in clock manufacturing since the inception of our company and have comprehensive knowledge of all our products.

Repair work scene-clocks undergo running tests on the wall to ensure they work properly following repair.

Tachinami, who is in charge of the repair work, holds the clock delicately in her hands and says, “When I observe the marks of a clock that has been used carefully for a long time, a profound sense of gratitude wells up within me. Simultaneously, I am driven by the strong desire to ensure that the clock is repaired and continues to serve for many years to come.”

Let’s take a look at some repairs. All Lemnos products are designed to be repairable, thus allowing for maintenance. Most of the repair requests we receive involve malfunctions in the clock movement, which is responsible for the clock’s operation. As the most delicate component, prolonged use can lead to parts wearing out and becoming defective. In these cases, we replace the defective movement with a new one. Another common issue we encounter is bent clock hands. Many Lemnos clocks feature an exposed design with no protective glass to emphasize the clock’s materiality. Consequently, we sometimes receive inquiries such as “I accidentally bent the hands,” or “The clock fell and the hands came off.” In these situations, we assess the degree of bending. For minor cases, we remove the hands from the clock, utilize a jig or similar tool to correct the bending, and reattach them to the clock. In more serious instances, we replace the hands with new ones, ensuring the clock can be used again.

Specialized custom-made tools for clock assembly.

Despite being a small factory, Lemnos offers a wide range of unique clocks that are exclusive to our brand. We prioritize long-lasting manufacturing practices. Our customer-centric approach involves being agile and responsive to meet our customers’ specific requirements, striving to provide the utmost satisfaction. We sincerely hope that you will acquire a Lemnos product and enjoy using it for a long time.

The two units on the left were released more than 20 years ago and are no longer available to purchase.