“AWA CLOCK / KASUMI & NOYAMA” – a little accent to the simple design makes the clock alive and fun.

“KASUMI” and “NOYAMA”, designed by AWATSUJI design
Released November 1, 2019

The KASUMI series contains a beautiful layer of colors. The mystical, fine design resembles misty scenery.With soft light and shade merging together in one space, the KASUMI clock tells the time quietly.

A deep blue sky, a dark green forest, and the magnificent earth. Nature is the theme of the NOYAMA series, which is reflected in the design. The deep and serene color arrangement as well as a light and shade pattern fill the space with healing powers and peace.


A simple design featuring a basic frame and face.
A little accent to the design makes the clock alive and fun.
The AWA CLOCK makes your daily life more fun and satisfying.


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