CARVED CUCU won the Merit Award at DFA Design for Asia Awards 2020 (Hong Kong)

Designed by Naoki Terada and produced by TAKATA Lemnos, CARVED CUCU won the Merit Award at DFA Design for Asia Awards 2020.

It is a cuckoo clock version of the CARVED series, which displays various expressions depending on the lighting around it, through the numbers carved on the dial.

This is the second award it won following the Good Design Award 2020.
In winning this award, we aim to increase the sales of these products, while actively promoting the best use of designs in “Monozukuri,” which literally means the “manufacturing of products” in Japanese, as well as enhancing our brand image.

We would like to draw your attention to the well-designed products by Lemnos.

>>>Merit Awards 2020 | CARVED CUCU

The cuckoo clock version of the CARVED series features the numerals carved into the clock face, which give various impressions depending on the surrounding lighting atmosphere.
A cuckoo pops out of a carved numeral and tells the time. The design featuring both a bird’s nest and a numeral to indicate the time makes us unaware that it is a cuckoo clock, except when it strikes the hours.

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