“PANECO CLOCK / COLORFUL”, designed by Hisae Igarashi
Released July 31, 2023


【 Limited Edition Color/50 each 】

This is the first in PANECO CLOCK’s COLORFUL series.
Unlike the regular series, in which all discarded garments from that season are mixed and molded, PANECO is made from only colorful discarded garments, which are selected and molded. Since this is a special-order color, only 50 units will be handled. Unlike the regular colors, this PANECO CLOCK has a colorful expression.

This is a limited color collection of mainly warm colors such as red and pink.
*Please note that the color cannot be specified.
*The sale will end as soon as the product is gone due to the limited quantity.


The “PANECO CLOCK” uses a sustainable, recycled fiber board made from waste clothing as part of closed-loop recycling.
This wall clock is reusable and recyclable. Boards made from waste clothing show subtle differences in their color and pattern, which means no two are the same. Clocks that are no longer used are also collected and recycled as materials to be reborn as new clocks. The boards are cut out with a Thomson die cutter, which is used for cutting paper and wood. With its minimalist design that retains the expression of the materials, the clock is a piece of art that blends in with the space and a product that quietly conveys the passage of time.


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