New Product | fun pun clock with color! [ plywood ver.]

“fun pun clock with color! [ plywood ver.]”, designed by Yoko Dobashi
Released July 20, 2023


An analog clock that aids in time management through the effects of color

Drawing inspiration from the concept of an “Analog clock that aids in time management through the effects of color,” this specially designed clock aims to help children manage their schedules more effectively. By leveraging the characteristics of an analog clock’s “pie chart” design, clever use of colors, and the subtle division of each hour into four quarters, the clock is a valuable tool to help youngsters organize their time.
One quarter = 15 minutes is a section of time, so the end of each segment (“0” “15” “30” “45”) has thick white lines. It symbolizes the beginning, like a white canvas to start over again. The combinations of three colors were carefully chosen from thousands of color samples by mixing 12 kinds of pigment with the help of an interior paint maker from COLOR WORKS Inc.

The development process incorporated the perspective of a mother, Yoko Dobashi, a designer with experience raising children, and the knowledge of an education specialist. It is a simple wall clock with a wooden frame made of more environmentally friendly natural materials.

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