New Model | Centaur Clock [ New size, color ]

“Centaur Clock [ New size, color ]”, designed by Lemnos Design Group
Released January 19, 2024

The Centaur Clock is now available in the φ268 size, perfect for personalized rooms.
Choose from four colors: popular white, mustard yellow to accentuate your space, elegant greige, and blue-gray. The brass- and copper-colored second hand accentuates the clock face.

A clock with a nebulous presence without being overpowering in our daily life.
The typeface used for the indicators is Centaur, a typical typeface inherited and reprinted from Venetian Roman, which was created based on handwritten characters. The traditional bracketed serifs featuring strong strokes and gentle curves, as if written with a pen, are combined with the softly rounded wooden frame to create a graceful appearance.
(Venetian Roman: a typeface perfected by Nicola Jenson in Italy during the Renaissance in the late 15th century.)

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