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“Herstory”, designed by Uhuhu Maiko
Released January 12, 2024

A story about a girl getting closer to her “dream” every hour.
Symbolic motifs of “dreams”―a balloon, butterfly, and shooting star—are strategically placed at the 12 o’clock position on the clock face. When the girl on the minute hand progresses towards these motifs, it creates the visual effect of her reaching out to catch them.
This clock is designed to offer you an opportunity to look into the future by manifesting your own “dream” through the motif and integrating the clock into your daily life. The numerical indicators feature an original font drawn by the designer, evoking the flow of air like a gentle breeze, lending the motif a dynamic sense of movement.
Place the clock on or near your desk and enjoy the heartwarming experience of reading her story unfolding behind the glass.


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