“Take-Clock” – a simple clock made of Japanese bamboo named “孟宗 Moso”


“Take-Clock”, designed by Fumio Enomoto
Released December 08, 2017

Originally, bamboo tools existed naturally in our life but we hardly see them around us nowadays as most have been replaced by those made of synthetic resin. However, products made of artificial materials are most beautiful when they are brand new. With use, they become dirty and eventually end up as waste. On the other hand, things made from natural materials such as trees or bamboo become more beautiful with prolonged use and can be returned to nature again in the end.

In order to use such bamboo as a material for contemporary tools, we use domestic moso bamboo laminated lumber, which will help to solve environmental issues and assist in the preservation of the traditional rural landscape within the country. We then aimed for a simple, long-life design that makes use of the texture as a new bamboo expression. The shadow created by the grooves engraved on the main body is used as an indicator of time. In addition, we use natural paint that takes advantage of the bamboo’s texture, also considering health and the environment.
We wish for you to spend a rich time with this clock.


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