“Trace Face #clock” –Knit-pattern porcelain clock realized by “hand-carving” instead of “hand-knitting”


“Trace Face #clock”, designed by CEMENT PRODUCE DESIGN
Released November 20, 2017

With the texture of a different material, which was considered impossible to express using porcelain, knitted stitches have been reproduced in detail with the creation of precise unevenness on the ceramic body, using a hand-carved prototype. It is finished with a moist and comfortable texture with no glazing to the outside in order to better transmit the texture of a knit.
The realness of soft, fluffy knits is expressed to the maximum on the clock, making you feel like wrapping it with your hands for its warmness, as if it’s not made from porcelain. A slightly tight modern impression is added by matching the needles in a matte color scheme, and the clock would be suited to any place regardless of the taste of the space, such as a Western or Japanese-style room.


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