“Take-Clock” – a simple clock made of Japanese bamboo named “孟宗 Moso”

“Trace Face #clock” –Knit-pattern porcelain clock realized by “hand-carving” instead of “hand-knitting”

“RIKI PUBLIC CLOCK” – a clock designed by Riki Watanabe who had been at the forefront of designing public clocks

“RIKI ROMAN CLOCK” – a clock being removed the decoration and designed simply to enhance the beauty of the linear composition of the Roman numerals.

“RIKI STEEL CLOCK” – a clock designed based on a theme of balance between ” the power concentrating inside and spreading outside “

“PACE” M size – a playful cuckoo clock with the graphical image of a birdhouse laid over the clock dial.

“Campagne air” – a clock with a built-in thermometer and hygrometer; a new version of the “Campagne”.

“Dachs Cuckoo” – a cuckoo clock with a lovely roof that looks like the ears of a dachshund

“Tokeidai no Tokei” – A wall clock watching calmly over your home, like a clock tower that blends into the cityscape.

“Bockoo” – a cuckoo clock in the shape of a book

“divide”, “molecule”, “dandelion” – A series of wall clocks that use concepts other than numbers to tell time.

“SHIN” – The shoehorn stands perfectly upright in its base.

“Birdhouse” – a cuckoo clock that tells the time with a lovely sound and the murmur of a brook.